Sunday, October 5, 2008

Welcome to The Trading Pit

This will be a place where I provide daily market commentary and potential trade ideas. I hope to throw in some educational pieces every now and then so you the reader can learn along the way if you are interested in the topic at hand. I plan on providing unbiased objective market data and interpretation based on my experience of following and trading the financial markets the last several years.

I am primarily a short term trader focusing on swing trading stocks and options, as well as day trading the futures. I have a passion for learning about the markets and love to encourage people to get involved in the trading/investing game, because in my opinion its the greatest game on earth. Through this site, I plan on putting all my market thoughts and actions that I share with friends and family into one convenient online location so everyone can come together to one place and view my latest posts day or night.

Who knows, maybe you can even learn something along the way :)


KIDROCK said...

keep on posting Jason!

Jason said...

thanks for the nice words. will do my best!