Wednesday, June 10, 2009

HES Bear Put Spread

I want to make the EOG trade I posted yesterday into a pairs trade with another energy sector name. While I am bullish on EOG and other nat gas names I am more bearish on HES.

Hess (HES) is more tied to crude oil and the chart is in a large sideways channel but towards the top of its range. I think the stock could retest the low 50s in the coming month as it is forming a weak bear flag after that large down candle from last week with big volume. I think the trade here is to buy a HES July 60/55 put spread for $2.10 or better.

Max loss on this trade is the initial debit you pay and max gain is $2.90 if HES is below 55 at July expy. So roughly a 150% max return is possible.

Breakeven at July expy on this put vertical is if HES is at 57.90.

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