Monday, December 29, 2008

About Me

I have always been intrigued by the stock market and can remember when I was 11 or 12 years old, flipping channels in the mornings before school and watching the talking heads yell about all these numbers that kept fluctuating on the screen. I remember wondering why people placed such importance on the movement of those numbers. But I knew it must have been worth it to them. So on several occasions I came home from school and checked “the numbers” to see how much they changed during the day, even without knowing their significance. After high school I found myself with some savings from summer jobs and opened a trading account thinking I knew it all. Of course I lost my shirt but took note of my errors and came back later that year with a game plan that I used to stay disciplined and rule based.

I earned a bachelor's degree in Finance from Washington State University, where I developed even more of a passion for following and analyzing the financial markets and economics.

I think that one can never truly master the markets and that is one of the appeals trading has to me. There is never a routine day. There is always something that gets you out of bed each day. The challenge of finding out where that next move will be is a treasure hunt. Above all, in the amount of time I have been involved in trading I have learned that the greatest trait of being a successful trader is humility. After all, we are only as good as our last trade.


worldfuneral666 said...

Hey Jason,

just wanna say that I really dig your blog! keep it up man.

and thanks a lot! u will be rewarded in life!

Jason said...

Thanks, appreciate it Blog said...

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